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Cube Cloud Cube Cloud Services is a cloud-based, hosted scalable platform for transportation modeling that provides governments and consulting firms with software-as-a-service (SaaS) benefits. Cube Land Cube Land forecasts land use by simulating the real estate market under different economic conditions. Cube Analyst Drive Cube Analyst Drive uses data assimilation techniques to estimate and optimize static and dynamic roadway trip matrices. With Cube Analyst Drive, modelers can use packet log files produced by Cube Avenue dynamic traffic assignments to estimate time segmented origin-destination matrices. With advanced parallel capabilities, Cube Analyst Drive can tackle the largest static and dynamic estimation problems with ease. Cube Dynasim Cube Dynasim is an extremely powerful software system allowing planners and engineers to very quickly simulate, visualize, and evaluate the effects of proposed changes to the geometry or operating characteristics of the transportation network. Cube Cluster Cube Cluster distributes model run processes across multiple computer processors, dramatically cutting model run times. Cube Analyst Cube Analyst uses mathematical techniques to find trip matrices that are consistent with observed transport demand and count data. Cube Cargo Cube Cargo is the Cube functional library for freight forecasting, offering specific methodologies for studying freight demand using a commodity-based approach. Cube Base Cube Base is the powerful and comprehensive user interface for all Cube modeling modules and extensions. Cube Base is used to design and apply the models and to edit and manage all input and output data. Cube Voyager Cube Voyager combines the latest in Citilabs' technologies for the forecasting of personal travel. Cube Avenue Cube Avenue is the Dynamic Traffic Assignment model from Citilabs that integrates very well into the Cube Base + Cube Voyager modeling package.
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