Adding a path file to highway program in application manager

Hello, I am new to Cube and trying to specify a path (.PTH) file as one of the output files to a highway program in the application manager. The highway program however, does not show an option for a path file. Is there a way to add a path file as one one of the output files? Thanks!

It’s a bit weird to see the highway module without default Path file in the Output section.

It’s better to contact Citilabs team via


Hi Sai,

As Subbu indicated, this is a strange case. I would suggest a re-installation of Cube and try again. You should have the .PTH file as an output option.

Thank you.

Thanks, Vipul and Subbu. I’m guessing the model I’m working with might have been originally built in some legacy version of Cube. As a hail mary, I linked one of the matrix files to a .PTH file, and in the script changed MATO to PATHO. Surprisingly, it worked 🤷