Best Programming Language for a beginner?

Hello to All, I am Hadi. A Computer Science student from Pakistan. I am in my 1st year at a University here and want to start learning a programming language. Which language would be better for me to start learning as a beginner? As I have no supervision regarding this concern and got worried about it. What steps should I follow to make a routine of practicing daily to keep my focus on learning? One of my classmates is working at digital marketing services in pakistan, which seems quite a promising option in this field too. I want you people to suggest something I can do with my career in this fast going world of technology.

Hello Abdul Hadi, yes the field your friend has suggested is one of the successful fields in current times whether it is for job or freelancing. SEO is doing great in both ways. As you already know that how much everyone is addicted to Internet that’s why Digital marketing is becoming a top priority of people to market their businesses, websites or other products. As I am also working at a Seo Company In Karachi, If you need any help regarding this concern you can contact us or visit our website.