Code12 Error from Build network from Shapefile


I was creating a network file(.net) from my ArcGIS (.shp) file using the “Build network/PT from shape file”, but I keep on encountering the Code12 Error when I run the conversion. What can be done to fix this.
I am also attaching the .shp file for reference.
Thanks. (39.4 KB)


The problem is that if you open the DBF file in a software that can read database file, e.g. Cube, you can see that your shapefile DOES NOT have any A or B fields. Henceforth, there are no origin nodes, destination nodes, or directions defined. The figure below illustrates your table.

If you access the Build Network from Shapefile (BNFS) tool by pressing CTRL+D => clicking the right-most icon, the tool should pop up. Make sure you have the box checked for Add new A and B fields (red box). The green box is the user’s responsibility to determine how many zones there are in their model and what the starting node number should be.

When you click Run, it should work correctly and say Operation Complete. If you take a look at the DBF file again, you now have new A and B node fields and assigned nodes.

Bring the network file into Cube and it should look like what is below.

Cube network is a stick network. Therefore, if you wish to attain real-world geometry, it is helpful you perform True Shape Display. To perform this action, please refer to this link from our forum: If you perform the actions correctly, the network file (NET format) should look like this in the Network Window.