Flipping Stop and Non-Stop Nodes in LIN file

We have a file that has Stop nodes and Non-Stop nodes flipped. Non-Stop nodes do not have the “-” and Stop nodes do have the “-”. Is there any quick way to change that in the LIN file? WIth a script maybe?


The LIN file is just a text file. I would suggest it is easier to put this in excel and multiple the node numbers by -1. And then save this back to a Text or LIN file


Great idea. Thanks!!!

You can import the linefile into a geodatabse through Cube, this will allow you to query the linefile as you desire, in this case flip the stop/non-stop nodes.

I would suggest doing this in a text editor like notepad++. You could change all the “-” symbols to a holding character (e.g. “#”), then use a regular expression to locate the incorrect stopping nodes (e.g. look for a comma followed by a space and then a number), change them to “-”, then finally change back the “#” symbols to empty.