True shape display

I converted .osm file to .net file and created the network. To get the true shape display, where to get the polyline input file?

[1] With the network file opened in the Network Window, you need to click the Layer Control icon (below). Also notice the geometric structure of the network so far.

[2] With the Layer Control window open, click Polyline

[3] With Polyline Layer Parameters window open, click Browse and navigate to where the associated shapefile is that the network file derived from. Once completed, click Return to Previous.

[4] Either Save Configuration or click Close when done.

[5] Back to the main Network Window screen, click GIS Tools.

[6] Click True Shape Display

[7] Click Refresh from the Display True Link Shape window.

[8] Click OK when done. Result of true shape display below.

Thank you for the information. But it didn’t work for me .I consolidated the links and did all these steps. No change was shown on the network. What may be the reason?

Hi, Does your underlying shapefile has the A/B fields which are similar to the network file? Also, I am assuming you created the .net file from the shapefile here?

I directly converted .osm to .net in CUBE and then I used shapefile created using the same .osm file in QGIS. Let me check regarding the A/B fields.